About us

This software has been developed during the Ph.D of F. Silva in collaboration with Ch. Vergez, J. Kergomard and Ph. Guillemain. We all are working in the Physics of Musical Instruments research group in the Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics (UPR CNRS 7051), Marseille France.

The studies lead within this group are aimed at providing a better understanding of the musical instruments behaviour, particularly in theirs nonlinear aspects. Physical phenomena are investigated and modelled in order to be usable in sound synthesis, to develop original strategies of the control of the models (by, for example, the analyze of bifurcations diagrams), and/or to provide a help to instrument makers. The line of work used mixes both theoretical, numerical and experimental aspects.

The development of Moreesc has been possible with the support of the French National Research Agency ANR within the Consonnes and Cagima projects.